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Water heaters

If you're using a conventional or system boiler, you'll also have a hot water heater or cylinder somewhere in your home. These cylinders are used to store large quantities of hot water ready to be used for a shower, bath or in the kitchen.

Vented water cylinder or unvented water cylinder?

There are two types of water cylinder—vented and unvented. Vented are the most common to be found in the UK and are gravity fed by a cold water tank, which is usually found in the loft.

Unvented cylinders are connected to the mains water supply and can benefit from higher pressure.

I'm able to install, replace, repair and service vented and unvented water cylinders, and can remove them where we've identified that a combi boiler is the solution that best suits your home.

Whilst most of the water heaters I work on are indirect (heated by a coil with hot water supplied by a boiler), I can also carry out work on direct hot water cylinders, found most often in homes that are heated using electricity rather than a gas boiler.

Water heater installation

If you've settled on a new conventional (heat only) or system boiler, then you're probably going to want to install a water cylinder in your home.

I have almost three decades of experience fitting water heaters and countless satisfied customers throughout the Burnley and Pendle area. I will help you find the most appropriate type and size of cylinder for your home, with work carried out when it's convenient and in a manner that minimises disruption. I will respect your property while on site, leaving it clean, tidy and supplied with plenty of hot water.

Water heater repair and service

Hot water cylinders tend to be quite durable but sometimes require repair towards the end of their typical lifespan. The most common repairs relate to leaks and failed immersion heaters, but other components that can fail include thermostats and valves.

To prevent unplanned repairs I recommend that you have your water cylinder serviced each year to ensure its safe operation.

Work carried out during an annual water cylinder service would include checks on the installation and operation of the appliance itself, along with the testing of water pressure and adjustment where necessary. Pressure safety valves would also be checked, as would any temperature relief and safety devices. I'd make sure that immersion heaters are operating as expected and that any thermostats are reporting accurate temperatures.

If you have any questions about hot water cylinder installation, repair or servicing, please don't hesitate to get in touch—I'd be happy to help.

Keeping my customers safe and warm

I am able to continue to provide my services while coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are in place. I have been trained in the use of appropriate PPE and will take any necessary measures to keep you and your family safe while I am working in your home.

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