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Annual boiler service

Boiler servicing is often overlooked but is essential to the smooth running of any boiler. It also allows you to pick up on potential issues before they become costly repairs.

An annual boiler service will ensure that your boiler is running at peak efficiency, can prevent breakdowns and will verify that it's operating safely. It's also cost-effective, with a well maintained boiler likely to last much longer than an equivalent boiler left to its own devices.

As a Gas Safe registered engineer I'm qualified to service any make and model of gas boiler, including Baxi, Potteron, Main Heating, Worcestor Bosch, Ideal, Vaillant, Glow-worm, Remeha and many others. Based in Colne, I operate throughout Burnley and Pendle, and have dozens of customers in the area who see me return each year to service their gas boiler and other gas appliances.

Why is an annual boiler service important?

  • Address issues before they become problems
    Issues with boilers often become apparent long before a component fails and needs replacing, or in some cases the issues arise due to components not being cleaned or serviced frequently enough. Regular servicing is an opportunity to check the health of the boiler, clean boiler parts where necessary and identify any issues that may worsen over time.
  • Keep your family safe
    A faulty or badly maintained boiler can be dangerous and has the potential to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. By following an annual service plan you can make sure your boiler is well maintained and the flue is clear, offering peace of mind to you and your family.
  • Improve energy efficiency
    During a gas boiler service I will carry out various checks to determine the efficiency of your boiler. If I identify any issues with your boiler that's compromising its efficiency, I will rectify these issues where possible, potentially reducing your energy bill.
  • Satisfy warranty requirements
    Many manufacturers require that you have your boiler serviced annually throughout the length of its warranty. Not doing so will likely invalidate the warranty and any repairs that may be necessary would therefore have to be carried out at your expense.
  • Don't break the law
    If you're a landlord it's a legal requirement to have a Gas Safe engineer check all landlord-owned gas appliances and flues each year. This is necessary to ensure the safety of your tenants but also protects your property from any damage that may result from the failure of a faulty gas appliance.

What does an annual boiler service include?

When carrying out a boiler service I would perform a visual check of the boiler and any associated pipework to make sure it's installed correctly. I'd also check that the boiler is running safely and efficiently, and identify any issues with its operation. I'd then remove the boiler casing to inspect internal components, looking out for corrosion and cleaning any parts that require it.

I will also check:

  • Gas pressure and flow.
  • Flue and combustion, using a gas flue analyser.
  • Electrical connections and boiler controls.
  • Fans and other internal components.
  • Boiler seals.
  • Safety devices.
  • Condensate trap and pipe to ensure there's no blockage.
  • Water and gas pipework.

Once the service is complete I would provide a report for you to sign, and would inform you of any repairs that may be necessary.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

An annual service is recommended as this will make sure that your boiler is well maintained all year round, is operating at peak efficiency and is ready to cope as the colder autumn and winter months approach.

Annual servicing will also ensure the safe operation of your boiler and is required to satisfy warranty requirements, and sometimes even insurance policies.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or to book your annual boiler service.

Keeping my customers safe and warm

I am able to continue to provide my services while coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are in place. I have been trained in the use of appropriate PPE and will take any necessary measures to keep you and your family safe while I am working in your home.

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